Farmland Seekers

Farmland seekers are new and existing farmers that are looking to buy, lease, or manage farmland. They can be looking to gain experience under the supervision of an existing farmer or they can be looking to expand their already established farm business.

If you are a current landowner and are looking to sell or lease your land to a farmer, search through the Farmland Seekers profiles here:


Certified Farm Seeker Program CFS

Become a Certified Farm Seeker and demonstrate to farm owners that you are ready to run a farm business.  Having CFS recognition shows landowners that you are serious about establishing or expanding a farm enterprise and have completed the planning necessary for long-term success. 

Certified Farm Seekers need to show at least one of these criteria:

  • has a professional resume that highlights the seeker’s farm knowledge and experience
  • proof a farm training program has been completed 
  • has a farm business plan (Learn how to create a Farm Business Plan)

    Once you have filled out your Farm Seeker profile, your profile will be reviewed and certification will be awarded.  This will be shown on your listing with the CFS icon for landowners to see. If you need help accomplishing your goals, from finding training programs to creating a business plan, please contact for assistance or see the links in the Farm Seeker resource page.