Georgia FarmLink helps farmers access and protect important farmland, facilitates farmland succession planning, and ensures Georgia’s best farms continue contributing to the local economy through sustainable farming practices and farm business development strategies.

In the last thirty years in Georgia, development permanently converted 550,000 acres of the best soils to pavement and buildings. Athens Land Trust and its statewide partners created Georgia FarmLink to help future farmers find affordable pathways to farmland ownership, recognizing this significant threat of development pressures on Georgia’s finest farmlands.  


Georgia FarmLink is a web tool co-developed by Athens Land Trust and statewide partners. It is collaboratively managed and supported by a network of partners across the state.  Founded in 1994, Athens Land Trust conserves, empowers and sustains communities through responsible and visionary land use. Further, Athens Land Trust provides resources to farmland owners and farmers to support soil and water conservation and farm business development.

If you have questions or would like assistance, please contact info@gafarmlink.org or call Athens Land Trust at 706-613-0122.