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  • Travis Dorsey

    Entomologist and Farmer seeking start-up farm to provide fresh food products to local communities and research new crops for commercial production.

    Joined 2 months ago

    Production Goals: Field crops; Hay or pasture; Herbs; Orchard; Vegetable production; Vineyard; Woodlot or forest products

  • Eddy Hodgson

    Looking for small amount of farm land for an organic market garden in the spirit of Jean-Michel Fortier.

    Joined 1 month ago

    Production Goals: Herbs; Vegetable production

  • Clara (CW) Lewis

    . . . your sustainable link to a greengold opportunity for generational agriculture stewardship!

    Joined 2 months ago

    Production Goals: Aquaculture; Flowers; Herbs; Sheep/Goat (Dairy/Meat); Vegetable production; Woodlot or forest products

  • Rance Paxton

    Blew up my TV, threw away my papers, time to move to the country.

    Joined 3 months ago

    Production Goals: Herbs; Orchard; Vegetable production

  • Seth Stowers

    Looking for pasture land for lease or possibly purchase near to Dawsonville, Georgia.

    Joined 2 months ago

    Production Goals: Cattle (Dairy/Beef)