daniel rohrabaugh

Cut flowers and mixed vegetable farmers seeking long-term land opportunity

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Total acres 5.0

Acres of cropland or tillable land 2.0

Acres of pasture 0.0

Acres of unfenced pasture 0.0

Looking for the following:

Type of opportunity:

Sale (Standard), Sale (Owner Financed), Lease (1 to 5 Years), Lease (5+ Years), Lease with Option to Buy, Incubator / Mentored Lease. More info: I am interested in land to establish a market garden growing mixed vegetables and cut flowers.

Equipment & infrastructure:

Barn, Fencing, Well / Pond / Other water source, Greenhouse, Cold storage (cooler/freezer). More info: We would need access to cold storage, which we could potentially add ourselves. We are experienced in building high tunnels and would add as many as possible. Water would be necessary.

Current production on farm:

Flowers, Herbs, Vegetable production. More info: We currently lease land in the city and grow cut flowers, salad greens, root crops, tomatoes, etc.

Current farming practices:

Ecological production but not certified. More info: We are certified naturally grown and farm with wildlife in mind

Qualifications and goals:

Previous farming experience:

Employee, Manager

Number of years experience:


Other qualifications:

Farm business training.

Production goals:

Flowers, Herbs, Poultry (Broiler/Layer), Vegetable production. More info: We may add some chickens one day

Personal experience and production goals summary:

I have experience from working on several different vegetable farms around Atlanta. I have been managing my own farming operation for 4 years. I mostly grow flowers, lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots. My operation is very small, currently on just about 1/4 acre.