Zach Richards

Looking to purchase small farm for our family farm in North Georgia. Vegetable production in a permaculture design.

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Total acres 10.0

Acres of cropland or tillable land 2.0

Acres of pasture 2.0

Looking for the following:

Type of opportunity:

Sale (Standard), Sale (Owner Financed). More info: Zach and Ilana Richards farm annual produce on rented land in North Fulton at the moment. We are looking to purchase land in the future. We need to stay close to family in the north metro area. Looking for 2 acres of pasture for grow space and around 10 acres total for property. We are flexible. Prefer to stay south of Ellijay, west of Cumming, and east of Rome

Equipment & infrastructure:

Well / Pond / Other water source.

Current production on farm:

Field crops, Flowers, Herbs. More info: Currently, we are cultivating around 2/3 of an acre of high-rotational production.

Current farming practices:

Biodynamic, Ecological production but not certified. More info: We utilize minimal tillage techniques and incorporate compost, and microbes into our soil. Our current farm has a permaculture design to help mitigate water flow, and to bring bio-diversity to the landscape. In order to grow through the winter months, we enjoy growing in caterpillar tunnels.

Qualifications and goals:

Previous farming experience:


Number of years experience:


Other qualifications:

More info: We work close with many organizations in, and around, the Atlanta area that focus on farmers. We enjoy outreach and teaching. We are a charismatic first-generation family farm seeking to provide a model of a small scale farm that can provide a living for a family.

Production goals:

Field crops, Flowers, Herbs, Orchard, Poultry (Broiler/Layer), Vegetable production, Woodlot or forest products. More info: Our goal is to purchase land so that we can install proper high tunnels for quality nightshade and cucurbit production. We are not able to install high tunnels on our rented land. We aim to max out at around 1.5 acres of vegetable production for chefs and have hopes of planting orchard space for animal systems to graze under.

Personal experience and production goals summary:

Zach and Ilana Richards farm an acre of land in North Fulton. We broke ground in late 2016, and have had steady sales since early 2017. We both interned on a farm in North Georgia and learned permaculture. We grow high quality vegetables for restaurants and markets in and around Atlanta. We focus on soil health and ecology and practice minimal tillage techniques. As we move into our 4th year, we are beginning to make plans to purchase a farm of our own in the future. We aim to cultivate around 1.5 acres max, in high rotation. Let us know if you have any questions, or think we might be a good fit!