Brendan Gannon

Experienced young farmer looking for a good piece of land to start an organic vegetable operation.

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Looking for the following:

Type of opportunity:

Lease (1 to 5 Years), Lease (5+ Years), Lease with Option to Buy, Incubator / Mentored Lease, Employment with Transfer. More info: I am looking for a good piece of land to start an organic vegetable operation. I am an experienced young farmer. I have been farming for 8 years and currently manage an Canewater Farm on the Georgia coast. I am searching for the right opportunity to start my own farm.

Current farming practices:

Biodynamic, Certified organic, Transitioning to organic, Ecological production but not certified, None, the property is not being farmed. More info: I am interested in land that has not recently been farmed using conventional pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

Qualifications and goals:

Previous farming experience:

Volunteer, Employee, Manager

Number of years experience:


Other qualifications:

Farm business training. More info: I am experienced in crop planning, budgeting, managing and hiring staff, operating and maintaining equipment, greenhouse/hoophouse production, propagation, irrigation, animal husbandry, construction, soil management, composting, agricultural design and general farm operations. I have constructed, maintained and farmed in greenhouses in a variety of agricultural zones. I routinely purchase seeds, fertilizers and supplies.

Production goals:

Field crops, Flowers, Herbs, Orchard, Vegetable production.

Personal experience and production goals summary:

I am a dedicated and experienced farmer with a wide skill set. I have worked on a variety of organic farms including a non-profit urban farm, a no-till intensive farm, a large production farm/orchard and my current position on a growing diversified farm, where the farm has tripled in production since I took the management position three years ago.

I have plans for a diversified organic vegetable operation with a small flock of laying hens. The farm will be lightly mechanized and use sustainable practices that focus on soil fertility.