Ag Land Easement Program

Through the Agricultural Land Easement program, the landowner gets paid 75% of the conservation easement value for keeping the country’s best soil and farmland in agriculture.  


  • By protecting their land with a conservation easement, farmers can ensure that the land will always be available for food production
  • The land remains in the farmer’s ownership and can continue to produce income and contribute to the local economy
  • The land is a proud legacy for future generations of farmers
  • Federal and local tax benefits come with conservation easement donations

    How can I help save farmland in my community?

    Athens Land Trust works with local communities to help identify potential sources of local matching funds and implement an ACEP-ALE program in your county, town, or community.


    Athens Land Trust is actively engaged in speaking with farmers and local officials to increase farmland protection throughout the state of Georgia. Learn how farmland contributes to your local community. 


    If you are interested in Athens Land Trust’s support for farmland protection, please contact Athens Land Trust at or call 706-613-0122.